“Whoever saves a life …”

Life Stories of Children of the “Lost Transport”

Traveling exhibition from November 10, 2022 to May 01, 2023 in the Brikettfabrik LOUISE in Domsdorf (Landkreis Elbe-Elster)

The traveling exhibition, which will be shown after the opening in other towns along the train route, depicts the life stories of eight children from the “Lost Transport” by means of photographs, drawings and texts. At three video stations and on the website, the children who had been on the transport and now live in different countries tell how they survived the Holocaust and experienced the liberation, how they have dealt with their horrific memories and built a new life.

Steven Hess and Marion Lewin
Celino Bleiweiß
Birnbaum children
Micha Gelber
Raul Teitelbaum
Hannah Pick-Goslar
Moshe Nordheim
Mirjam Lapid-Andriesse


Freundeskreis Technisches Denkmal Brikettfabrik LOUISE e.V.
Technisches Denkmal Brikettfabrik LOUISE, Louise 111, 04924 Domsdorf

E-Mail: info@verlorenertransport.de

The exhibition is financed through funds from the Brandenburg Ministry of Cultural Affairs and the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media. The opening event is sponsored by the Alfred Landecker Foundation and the Savings Bank Foundation “Future of the Elbe-Elster Land”.